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why so angry?

Anger has an awfully bad rep. 
But the thing is that if you haven’t experienced feeling of blind, red hot rage, you probably aren’t human. 
We get angry all the time. 
Angry at random ideas that don’t solve business problems. 
Angry at creativity for the sake of creativity. 
Or no creativity at all. 
Angry at big data and none of the insights. 
Angry at brands with no empathy. 
Angry at people for not working better together. 
And really angry at not doing the work that creates value. 
We get angry because we care. 
Because everything is personal. 
Because we won’t stop until we change things for better. 
This is the story of Angry Grl. 
We want to be angry at the things that make you angry. 
So, let’s make the world a better place, together!

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