what we believe in

we think backwards

We believe that at its core, every marketing problem is a human problem.
Something that people want, but are not getting.
Or something they don’t want enough.
Some brands got so preoccupied with themselves they forgot their sole purpose was to serve consumer needs.
We get angry about that.
But, it’s not only us. It makes millions of consumers angry who in turn became radically promiscuous: Always on the hunt for the latest and the shiniest.
That is why we believe that the best way to go forwards is to think backwards.
Always start from what consumers want, need, love, hate, fear, enjoy, expect and work towards.
Brands are tools that people use to navigate their world. Give them what they want and they will follow.
It’s that simple.

we don't play safe

We are angry – and quite honestly tired – of marketing not taking accountability for sales results.
We believe that any investment is only justifiable for as long as it sells. Sometimes immediately, but mostly long term.
Really, what’s the point in creating beautiful brand campaigns that solve wrong business problems?
None, we believe.
That’s why we are on a mission to take randomness out of marketing.
We spend inordinate amount of time trying to understand a business problem.
Because if you don’t know what you are solving for, you always go for the safest options.
Maybe that’s why all brand campaigns look the same.
Oh, yes, we are also angry at agencies presenting laundry lists of creative ideas.
Strategy is about making choices and you can only do so when you know precisely what is the problem you are trying to solve.

we lie a lot

Picasso said that art is a beautiful lie that makes people see the truth
Yeah, we like that.
We believe creativity is not an add-on, an after thought or some kind of lucky chance that buys you a disproportional share of popular culture. Although, we surely hope you’ll get that as well.
Creativity is a force that suspends disbelief, a soft nudge that make us assimilate new ways of thinking, an idea that refuses to be unseen.
Creativity is not a beautiful thing that delights our senses:
It is an act of destruction that breaks with the old to make space for the new.
That’s why creativity can only be measured as a degree
to which it changes things.
Creativity is not an option. Not something that is reserved for image campaigns. Oh, yes, that kind of lazy thinking makes us angry.
Creativity is the art of getting other people see what you see.
And in doing so, it imagines a different kind of future.
Unless, of course, you are happy with the way things are.
In which case, by all means, let’s not risk being creative.

we are inadequate

Ok, we certainly hope you won’t think so.
But the point is we believe all of us are just a little
bit inadequate. Not because we can’t do things, but because we are blind to the things we don’t know.
People always think of collaboration as a more efficient way of working. We disagree.
Collaboration is a revolutionary act of giving voice to every ‘could have been’ to raise to its full potential.
The cost of missed opportunities is far bigger than anything that may ever go wrong.
We find that not only stupid but also irresponsible.
People that don’t want to collaborate make us angry.
This is why we pride ourselves at being inadequate.
In that sense, we don’t see ourselves as an agency:
We are a ‘plug-in’ that draws from the collective knowledge of a system to be the best we can be and hopefully make others better along the way.